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The iconic healthcare institution of Mumbai, Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital, blessed by Mahatma Gandhi and inaugurated in 1950 by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, is now reintroduced as Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital.

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We treat over 10,000 patients from around the globe every year

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Pulse Newsletter encapsulates information on the hospital, its progress, and insight into some of the very complex and rare cases, on a monthly basis.

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Keeping up with our promise of comprehensive care, we offer details on Preventive Health Care. Guiding you on every step!

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Nanavati Events

  • Indian Association of Hyperthermic Oncology and Medicine
    Heat as a therapeutic modality had its origin in India of the yore when India was the cradle for... Event Date: 15-02-2020
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  • 11th Biennial Conference Scientific Program Schedule
    11th Biennial Conference (Day 1) Indian Association of Hyperthermia Oncology & Medicine.... Event Date: 15-02-2020
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  • Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
    Workshop on Endoscopic Skull Base surgery at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai on Feb... Event Date: 08-02-2020
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  • Medical Partner towards Walkathon for Senior Citizens
    Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital supports Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Seva Kendra Event Date: 05-01-2020
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  • Race Against Time Stroke Symposium
    Event on Saving Neurons in Stroke: Race Against Time Stroke Symposium at Nanavati Super... Event Date: 21-12-2019
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  • Art Base Therapy
    Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai is organizing an Arts Based Therapy Session on 13th... Event Date: 13-12-2019
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Nanavati Blog

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    Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term used for a plethora 

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    Pancreatic cancer refers to the abnormal growth of malignant cells

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    Radiology is a term that almost everyone is well acquainted

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    Well PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome which can be defined as a condition

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  • Paradigm Shift In Critical Care: What Are We Heading Towards?

    Critical care refers to the holistic and comprehensive care given to patients

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  • Pediatric Diseases: An Early Addressal Is Necessary

    Children are least concerned about their health that’s why they are more prone 

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  • Understanding Different Types Of Heart Diseases

    Increasing cases of heart-related diseases have become a matter of concern nowadays.

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    Obesity is becoming a major concern for the doctors as well as for the general population..

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